Advertising on Facebook isn’t just limited to boosting your most recent post. Facebook ads system can deliver your message in multiple ways across their platforms and others. Considering Facebook is currently the third most popular site to visit (only beaten by Google and YouTube), you’ll want to take advantage of these tips I’m sharing with you today. 

Customer Availability

If people are already on Facebook as we talked about earlier, you’ll be able to use the platform to reach people where they already are. There are a lot of options available but we also suggest starting with the ones where you know your audience is already at.


Advertising on Facebook allows you to target your audiences by age, behavior, and location. When I speak to any group I remind them that they are the product. The price for a free platform is all that data you enter and continue to enter are tools for narrowing down ads to make sure they are being delivered to the right audience.


Facebook has made some awesome and easy to set up methods available to track users to your site from their ads. If you are using WordPress, their Facebook Pixel is super simple to set up. You will be able to easily see impressions, clicks, and conversions. 

Increased Engagement

By advertising your product on Facebook, you are also increasing your engagement amongst your audience. Likes, comments, and interactions on your ads help them to be seen even more. Also, you’ll be able to increase your followers by inviting those who interact with your content to like your page. 


One of the factors that search engines rely on to determine rankings are social signals. These are determined by the activity on your social media content. The more relevant content you produce and the more regularly you post, the better your search engine rankings will improve. Facebook ads increase traffic on your social media which can help your SEO. 


You can easily set your budgets based on daily and life-time budgets. They can be increased and decreased as you need. 

The Power of Facebook Ads

Hopefully, these top 6 reasons will give you a better understanding of why you need to be taking advantage of the power of good Facebook ads. There are so many more tips I am sure I could have shared and maybe I’ll add some more in a future post. 

Need some help getting started or managing your Facebook ads? Let’s talk and learn more about your needs so that we can get you started! 

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