Nick Wells, the audio video strategists looks through the camera as he works on communicating through videos.

Why is communicating through videos such an important means of communication? It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. So if you have a one-minute video at 30 frames per second, you have a video worth 1,800,000 words. That’s a lot of words. And a really bad joke.

I’m Nick Wells and I’m the Audio/Video Strategist at Dogwood Media Solutions. I’ve said that joke before but there is a lot to be said about the subtlety of communicating through videos. There is a reason why we can look at a picture of 1920’s New York and think, “that’s really cool,” but see a film (without sound) and imagine walking around those dirt streets, dodging old Ford Model Ts. They engage and tell a story.

Videos Tell a Story

With a well-produced video, you can elicit strong emotions of joy and happiness, anger, passion, love, enough to move people to action all without saying a single word. They allow you to better communicate a story, connecting your viewers’ emotions to your product or service. What an effective video tries to do is pull the viewer in to be immersed in the message.

By telling a story you guide your audience through narrative-based content in a way that reaches their heart and draws out an emotional connection. So it is more than just a sales ad, as the video focuses on the story rather than the product. This is the essence of communicating through videos.

Videos Bring Things to Life

With a real estate video, you want the viewer to imagine themselves in the space. The goal is for them to connect their reality to the home. For them to picture themselves moving around, playing with their kids in that living room, cooking with their spouse in that kitchen, or walking from the living room out to the back deck for a cookout. A video can truly bring things to life and allow the audience to picture that life for themselves. 

In a product commercial, let’s say the product is a toothbrush, you want the viewer to imagine using that toothbrush and feeling refreshed. To enjoy the process of brushing their teeth, and to look forward to using that toothbrush again. 

For a hospice service, you want the viewer to feel that the process will be easy. You want them to feel confident that their loved ones will be well cared for. So by showing them how their life can be affected by your product or service, you are creating something desirable which will elicit a favorable response.

Going Beyond a Photo

Don’t get me wrong, I think photos are an important medium as well. There is a lot you can accomplish with a photo but there is a reason we, as humans, desire to go beyond that to capture movement and motion. Communicating through videos touches more than any still photograph can.

We want to see what will happen next and are captivated by that movement. This is because movement and motion more closely resemble life, which in turn allows us to relate, and relatability is what makes people want to seek out your business’ services. Through a video, you will not only grab the attention of your viewer, but you will be able to keep their attention, communicating more about yourself and your business in a condensed amount of time. 

Dogwood’s Role in Communicating Through Videos

How could a video impact your business? Maybe creating a video to share the vision of your company would help people connect with the heart behind your brand. Whatever the story your business needs to tell, we’d love to help you tell it! Give us a call and let’s get the conversation started.

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