We’ve worked with lots of different clients and one thing that we’ve found is the ones who are most successful online are those who don’t just advertise their business but tell their story. This probably sounds strange to you coming from someone in the digital marketing world but it’s true. If all a business ever does is advertise its products, then eventually they’ll hit a ceiling that is hard to grow beyond. So, what should you do to make sure this isn’t you? The answer is simple. Tell your story!

Behind every business is a story. There’s a reason you’re doing what you’re doing and there’s a heartbeat that guides you every step of the way. Those are the things that people want to know. Of course, the products or services can sell themselves if they’re really worth purchasing. There’s something to be said about creating that personal connection with your audience that takes you to a whole other level.

Take Dogwood for example. At Dogwood we focus on one main idea; everything we do is made with heart. This means a lot of things for us. It means that we care about what we do and want to do it well. It also means that we care about who we work for and want to see them succeed. And in order for us to care for our clients and what we do for them, we also have to care for one another.

Happy people are much better workers than anxious, frustrated, or angry people. From the very beginning, Dogwood has been intentional about putting their heart and soul into everything from new hires and who we work with to the layout of our office and the atmosphere we create. That’s our story and Emily does a great job of getting that across via our social media. However, social media isn’t the only way to tell your story.

How to Tell Your Story?

Social media is a great place to begin telling your story. Figure out what your story is and begin crafting intentional content that portrays that. One way we do this at Dogwood is by highlight our employees. Recently our employee Matt and his wife Madeline had their first child (she’s perfect by the way!) and we made a post congratulating them. We didn’t do that because we wanted to look good online, we just wanted to show support for our friend and coworker, and in the process, it points back to one of our key values.

Another way to tell your story is through blogging. Blogging is an excellent way to talk more about what makes you who you are in more detail than a social media post can do! If you’re a dentist’s office that cares a lot about making people feel at ease and comfortable you might write a blog about why that’s important to you. Maybe one of your doctors once had a terrible experience at the dentist and wanted to make sure his/her patients never felt that well.

Telling your story doesn’t even always have to use words. You can show your heart and passion through images and your other branding as well. A boutique that I know of is run by a mother and her daughters. Being family-oriented is very important to this business owner, so she makes sure to show that in the images that she posts promoting her business. Her family is always front and center. She loves the fact that she shares this with her daughters, and it makes me want to take my mom there and shop too!

Why It Matters

No matter how amazing your products and services are, the truth is people are made to be relational. We respond well to things that we can connect with on a personal level. So, telling your story and sharing why you’re passionate is going to help you create that connection and take your business to the next level.

If you haven’t yet sat down and thought through the “big why” behind your business and you aren’t able to verbalize the story and vision of your business, then take some time to think that through. You might think that just because it’s your business that you know exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing, but you might be surprised at how much thought and effort goes behind actually writing it down in a way that people can understand.

If you need some help thinking through these big questions and moving past just advertising, Dogwood can help. We’d love to help you connect with customers, increase business, and tell your story! Give us a call and let’s get started.

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