As the New Year approaches you may have thought about updating your website or even starting one from scratch. You have a logo and know what you do, but communicating that effectively on a website leaves many stumped. These tips for content writing on your website may help! 

A Clear and Concise Tagline

Your business name is already set but what about your tagline? This is a brief statement that tells what your business is about and why it exists. In just a few words, your reader should be able to understand what it is that you do. 

For example, Brian’s Auto Sales is the name of the business. His tagline could read “Specializing in new and used SUV’s for you!” Or another option “Specializing in new and used SUV’s at affordable prices!” Or even simpler “Quality SUVs at Affordable Prices” These taglines tell us that 1) New and used vehicles are for sale 2) Sport Utility Vehicles are his specialty and 3) Affordable pricing.

Maybe your business is mission-oriented with a name that is not obvious to your readers as to what you do. The tagline is crucial to letting your readers know quickly and easily what your business is about. 

For example: “The Community Connection” is the business name. Is this a neighborhood network, a business network, or something completely different? The tagline is “Networking with local businesses to feed those less fortunate.”  Because of the tag line I now clearly understand that the mission of the Community Connection is to collect food donations for those that need them. Is that monetary or food or both? That answer will be clarified in the content later on the page. 

Filling out the Content

A website filled with beautiful images does grab attention but it is the copy that seals the deal. It needs to be clear and concise. Each paragraph needs to have at least 3-4 sentences and listed under a heading. This allows Google to scan for content which hopefully means you will show up higher in search results. Check out this screenshot from our own Dogwood Services page. 

Tips for Content Writing on Your Website 1
Tips for Content Writing on Your Website 2

Do you see how each heading has 3-4 sentences underneath that clearly describe what the service is about?  

Some sites have clever names for their headings also. I advise steering away from that if possible. Your readers are already in the learning stage when visiting your website. They don’t need to try to figure out that you meant “recipes” when you listed it under “yummies for your tummy” ( Yes my example is extra ridiculous but you understand right?). Just keep it simple and straightforward on the headings.

Your Voice

One thing to consider with content writing on your website is how your target audience speaks. If your audience is highly educated scientific thinkers, then scientific language with larger words would be applicable to them but not to the masses. As much as you would love to share the technical engineering aspects of the product you sell, if much of the audience that you are selling to would not be able to understand it then it might be better to simplify it. Think about how your clients and customers talk in everyday language and model your content voice to appeal to that. 

What to Include

What is your product or service? Make it clear and concise. Not anything they have to hunt for. The other day I saw a product for sale that appealed to me. First, the photo caught my eye but based on the description I was not sure exactly what the product was. I clicked on the link and I still couldn’t tell if it was a perfume, a food flavoring, or a decoration even based on the description. I had to hunt to figure it out. 

What problem do you solve or what joy does your product or service bring? When you write this out, imagine you are talking one on one to someone. Use language that is simple but to the point. Try to anticipate the questions they would have and go ahead and answer them in a casual tone. It helps to add a little emotion to your text also if possible. Help them to feel the pride you feel in your business. 

Explain the key benefits and value that your product brings. Obviously, you are in business for a reason. Share them in your content. How will your reader’s life be encouraged, helped, or enhanced by your product or service? How are you different from your competition? While I believe it is very tacky to bash competitors, it is important to show why you are the better choice. Use broad language when referring to competing products and specifics about your product or service. 

Testimonials are always great to fill in content. Ask your current customers (that you know are happy with your service!) if they mind sharing a quick review that you could post on your website. Readers love to hear what customers who have experience with your business have to say. 

Use Correct Grammar!

Finally, be sure that you have spelled everything correctly and your grammar usage is correct. There is nothing like looking at a beautiful website and then seeing a misspelled word or getting tripped up in reading because the verbs disagree! Grammarly can help with spelling and grammatical usage. They also share tips on content writing for you! 

We hope you found these tips for content writing helpful. If you are still stumped or completely terrified, the crew at Dogwood can help. In 2020, we completed nearly 50 websites and helped with the content for many of them. We proudly offer content management services. When you want to add or edit the content on your website, simply email us!

Let’s start a conversation. We would love to help you rise above the noise!

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