new branding on walls at Dogwood

Recently, due to our growth, we moved to a new office space which gave us an opportunity to showcase our branding even more. I’ll explain more.

New Digs

When Harris Media Solutions and Dogwood Designs merged on January 1 to form Dogwood Media Solutions there were two employees. We rented a 260 square foot office space above Pike Road Optical in the town of Pike Road with the hopes we would outgrow it.

By March we had hired our first employee, making it three people in the office. In April came our second employee. Mack – our part-time intern started in May and with that – the room was full…or actually packed.

We made plans that when we hired the next employee that we would move down the hall to a little larger space that had about 460 square feet. We made that hire and the third employee began with us on July 1. Towards the end of June, we moved down the hall.

Most look at moving as an inconvenience or an annoyance. For us, it was exciting. It means our company is growing and our capacity to help more people continues to expand.

Branding Dogwood

Another opportunity it presented was that we came in the possession of an entry hall. It was basically an unusable space for productivity, but what it could do though was tell a story and give us a place to show off our branding. We’re still small so the story needed to be told on a budget!

new branding sign installed

Every site we build, our marketing materials, our proposals – they all have the Made With Branding Dogwood and New Digs 1 By Dogwood statement on them. Easy decision, we wanted that to be showcased in the hallway and we wanted it to be big. Correction – we wanted it to be huge.

The sign was printed and installed and it’s really a statement piece. Every time I walk through the hall I find my self touching the giant heart. And yes, I’m totally supervising in this picture. Matt’s ability to make the entire thing straight amazed me.

Gallery Wall

gallery wall brandingOn the other wall, we originally talked about showcasing some of our favorite work that we have done for our clients but then changed direction. Instead, we are featuring some of our favorite images from our Instagram and Facebook feed.

We want our staff to know how important they are to the success of our company. With that in mind, we chose to highlight them as part of our branding. What better way than to put their pictures from life within Dogwood on the walls?

We do some really good work, but also like to have some fun. We actually genuinely like hanging out together in this office too. Plus, we plan to change these out regularly to keep it interesting.

Our door is open and we’d love for you to come by and see our office space and hallway branding when you have a moment.

Made With Branding Dogwood and New Digs 1 By Dogwood

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